Insulating is the process of reducing heat flow or reducing sound.

Understand that during the process of insulating your wall cavities, utmost care should be taken as poorly applied insulation may cause problems relating to mold or mildew or create points where the insulation barrier is interrupted.

So before you finally make a choice on how to go about insulating your wall, you should look at the various options available to you so that you can finally make a well-informed choice to avoid regrets or incur further costs later in the future.

High Performance Insulation

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Traditional Batt Insulation 

This kind of insulation comes as Batt or segments. Batt insulation comes packaged in compressed plastics bags and is pre-cut to small standard pieces of insulation to fit into your wall cavities.

The Batts will need to be installed carefully to create the perfect thermal break. The Batts might have to be cut, and fitted around pipes or behind Electrical panels. Wrong installation can cause problems in the long run.

High Performance BIBS Insulation

The BIBS system is a high performance insulation system that forms a seamless blanket of dense-packed fiberglass insulation that completely fills around pipes, wires and other objects inside the cavity to maximize thermal efficiency. To read more about the BIBS System click here.

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